A downloadable game for Windows

Phase is a race against the time. Gaining speed will help you win, but will also heat up your vehicle. Try to finish without overheating, if you can.

Phase was built using the Unity3D game engine by a one-man team over 72 hours. All coding, graphics and music were done by me. Additional sounds taken and created from free sources (opted out of sound category).

Keyboard Controls:
Accelerate - Space
Switch Lanes - Left/Right Arrows
Drift - Q/E
Boost - Up Arrow

Controller Controls:
Accelerate - A
Switch Lanes - Left/Right on Dpad
Drift - Left/Right Bumpers
Boost - Up on Dpad

If you like the game, let me know! You can find me @pichuscute0 on twitter!


Phase LD40 - post LD controlsfix.zip 24 MB

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